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Code Vein: How to Use Gestures, How to Use Emotes

Say hello to your new friends.

by William Schwartz


In Code Vein there are numerous gestures that you can use.  With online multiplayer cooperative play this can be a way that you can communicate with your teammate doing things like thanking them, saying sorry, or others.  You can use gestures in a unique way in Code Vein and this guide will explain how.

Gestures are accessed with either the left thumbstick or G Key

To use gestures in Code Vein it depends on which version of the game you are playing.  On PC, you can use gestures by double tapping the G Key.  On the Xbox or PlayStation controller you can use gestures by double clicking the Left Thumbstick  (Press in the thumbstick twice).

Once you do this, a menu you will open which allows you to select which gesture you want to use.  On console controllers you can use the bumpers to select which gesture you want to use and then press either A or X to perform the gesture.  On PC, you can press the left and right arrow keys to tab and then press E to perform the gesture.

Each gesture can be customized with the actual body movement that your character will do, and a voice line that you can select, as well as a picture.  You can open the Gesture Menu by pressing the F key or pressing Y or the Triangle button on controllers.

The Gesture Menu can also be accessed from the Character Options screen.  The smiley face on the menu at the top of the screen will allow you to fully customize your gestures and put them into slots for quick use.

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