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Control: Lucky Items Roulette Puzzle Solution

Get the Golden Suit oufit by completing this puzzle

by William Schwartz


When you first enter into the Luck and Probability area in the Research Sector of the Oldest House, you’re gonna notice that there are quite a few things you can interact with in this room.  If you take a peek in the adjoining room, you’ll find that there is also some rigged up here.  It’s actually a test that you can perform to make the Roulette Wheel land on a specific number.  If you can complete the puzzle you will get an outfit as a reward.

To complete this puzzle you’ll need to do multiple things in each room, interact with items, and move items from one room to the other to complete the puzzle.

For the rest of this guide we’re going to call the first room with all the items the Lucky Items Room and the room next to it the Testing Room.  In the Lucky Items room you’ll find that there are numerous lucky items.  There’s a Shamrock, a couple of Horseshoes, a Cat, an Elephant and a Fish.  The board in the Testing Room shows you what you need to do with each item.  There is also a collectible research report that explains and gives hints as well.

If you just want to bare solution, you can find it below:

The things to mention here is that you need to be able to bring the fish from one room to the other and the shamrock as well.  You will also want to make sure that the horseshoe is facing upwards.  Once you have those two items in the Testing Room you need to also make sure that you’ve turned on all of the lights in that room.  Then you simply need to interact with the roulette wheel and then step off of the red carpet after you spin it.  The other parts of this puzzle simply require that you interact with the items in the other room.

- This article was updated on:August 27th, 2019

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