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Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – How To Beat N. Brio

Second main boss in the game.

by Dean James


Dr. Nitrus Brio was first introduced back in the original Crash Bandicoot as the henchman for Dr. Neo Cortex, before being replaced in the sequel and going off on his own. Known in the new game as simply N. Brio, he is back again and ready to try and take down Crash and Coco. Seeming easier than the N. Gin fight at first, this one gets really complicated pretty fast and this guide is here to help you defeat him.

How To Beat N. Brio

Just like our bout with N. Gin, N. Brio has a multi-round fight for you to take part in to defeat him. This one definitely has more rounds added though, as he has seven pieces of health that we have to get rid of before he is taken down.

To start this fight, he will begin to throw beakers with some sort of acid in them that you need to avoid. Just getting out of the way of the purple beakers he throws isn’t going to be enough though, as they will create a circular wave going outward that you have to jump over for each one. He will toss four purple beakers before throwing a green one that spawns a creature in the arena. While avoiding its own attacks, use a spin attack to knock it back directly at N. Brio to deal one piece of damage. If you can get right next to where the creature spawns, you can attack it before it can ever think about attacking you instead.

After you deal the damage, he will not toss more of the purple beakers, six to be exact that you need to dodge as before. This time though he will follow it up by throwing two green beakers that spawn creatures. Now you want to spin attack both of them as before to deal two more pieces of damage to him.

Next, N. Brio changes the screen to a glow in the dark design and starts chucking eight of the purple beakers at you, which are harder than ever to dodge here as they are quick and close to one another. After he does these eight, he will throw out three green beakers and in turn three green creatures. As before, spin attack them and this will take him down to one piece of health remaining and the last round.

The previous rounds have been pretty easy, but N. Brio takes it up a notch in this one as he drinks both beakers to transform and come after you himself. He is now a hulking creature that has three pieces of health himself rather than just the one he had before. He will start pounding the ground in front of him, creating smaller shockwaves you need to avoid. These shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as you stay on the opposite side of the arena from him.

Eventually he will get dizzy and the ‘Akano mask will appear. At this point, transform by pressing R2/RT and just ramming and jumping into N. Brio until you knock him out of the arena to reduce him to two health remaining. As he returns to the arena, he will create a green shockwave that goes out across the entire arena, so make sure to jump over it and then watch out for his smaller ones like he did last time. This time he will do two or three larger shockwaves you have to jump over besides the small ones though. He will eventually get dizzy again, so rinse and repeat to knock him out of the arena.

Before the last part, he will once again turn the stage into a glow and dark design and then pounce into the arena and create another green shockwave for you to avoid. The only difference here is that he will do four of the larger green shockwaves before he gets dizzy, which is your opening to knock him out for good. Once he is out of the arena a third time, that is it for N. Brio and you can continue on your adventure.

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