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Crash Bandicoot 4 – World 2-2 Crash Compactor Bonus Stage Walkthrough

How to break every box

by Kyle Hanson


Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a difficult platformer when you’re just playing casually, but if you want to collect all the game has to offer you’ve got a real challenge ahead of you. This is especially true for the bonus stages which pop up in almost every level of the game. These side adventures task Crash with breaking every box on the stage, which can become pretty challenging the higher you go in the game. To help we have a full walkthrough of the bonus stage for World 2-2 Crash Compactor showing you how to break every box.

This was the first bonus stage to truly test the player, using gameplay elements in new and diffferent ways. You can’t just run from left to right on this level, you have to reach the end and then backtrack. Of course, some pieces of the puzzle make that especially difficult, like the empty boxes and the large gap in the middle. But by jumping on the right boxes you can finish the whole thing pretty easily.

The key is to basically ignore most of the level until you’ve gotten those pesky empty boxes to appear, which is done at the end of the stage. Head there and flip the switch, making sure not to hit all three of the boxes over the large gap, then go back and break everything on your way back to the exit. It’s tough to describe, but the video below shows a quick and easy run. Just always make sure you have a path back to the exit while making your first run through the stage and you should be alright.

So that’s our walkthrough of the bonus stage for World 2-2 Crash Compactor showing you how to break every box. Let us know if any others bother you enough if we don’t already have a walkthrough.

Crash Bandicoot 4 – Crash Compactor Bonus Stage Walkthrough

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