Crucible – How to Level Battle Pass

Are you up for a challenge?

by Brandon Adams
Crucible - How to Level Battle Pass

Amazon and Relentless Studio’s debut title, Crucible, is a free-to-play competitive shooter with strong MOBA influences. Like most free-to-play games available today Crucible comes with a battle pass, and to level it you need to complete challenges.

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The Crucible battle pass is leveled by completing Daily and Weekly Challenges.

While the concept isn’t new, in Crucible you can only level the battle pass by completing challenges. There are ten “Battle Stars” per level (or “stars” as I’ll refer to them), and each challenge will reward a specific amount of stars upon completion. Simple enough, right? Well, kinda. Like most battle passes there is a free track and a paid track, meaning the full battle pass is locked behind a $10 purchase (950 of the micro-transaction currency).

What this means is that the Weekly and Seasonal challenges are sequester behind this transaction. If you want to remain a free player and level only the free track you’ll only have access to the Daily challenges, which grant seven stars a day. The free track stops dolling rewards out after rank 30, so free players will need to complete roughly 43 days worth of Daily challenges to grab everything on their track (which is damn near the entire season). Do note that the three Seasonal challenges do not reward stars (they give out player banners upon completion).

If you do purchase the battle pass (if you play before June 1st you’ll be given enough of the micro-transaction currency to do so) you can complete the eight Weekly challenges for a total of eighty stars, or eight levels. There are 80 levels in the battle pass, but only eight sets of Weekly challenges, so you will have to earn the remaining 160 stars by completing Daily challenges. That’s roughly 29 days worth of challenges, and the season lasts 52 days. So, you technically don’t have to no-life the game to max-out the battle pass, but you’ll need to commit a generous amount of time to Crucible no less.


Challenges are rather simple. They range from killing ten of a certain NPC, collecting X-amount of essence, to winning a set number of matches in a specific game mode (or, placing above 4th if that mode so happens to be the battle-royale Alpha Hunters). Daily challenges will be displayed on the entry screen, but to view the Weekly and Seasonal challenges you’ll need to click on the “Battle Pass” tab at the top of the screen, then the Challenges option that’ll appear below. From here you can view all the Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal challenges currently available.

Challenges are not retroactive, so if you buy the battle pass don’t expect your Weekly challenges to recognize previous accomplishments. Also, Weekly challenges are not locked to the week they appear in, so if you fall behind you can always catch up and clear out older challenges. Additionally, you can purchase one of three bundles that will unlock battle pass ranks for cash: from 10 for $14 to 40 for $50 (this bundles include cosmetics and such, thus the price being greater than the ranks offered). While there currently isn’t a way to buy indivisual ranks out-right expect the option to make an appearance at some point before the season ends.

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