Dangerous Driving Guide: How to Drift

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As you hit this streets in Dangerous Driving, the spiritual successor to Burnout from Three Fields Entertainment, you’ll ask yourself a lot of questions. How can I win? How do I earn boost? And how can I make it around all of these tight turns? The answer to all three involves drifting, a mechanic found in pretty much every racer out there. But this game has some tighter controls than most, and getting drift to work takes some practice. Here’s our guide on how to drift in Dangerous Driving.

The answer is to brake during the turns, but it’s a touch more complicated than that. With many other games you let off the gas and tap the brake, or use a dedicated handbrake to initiate a drift. For Dangerous Driving you pretty much never want to let off the throttle. So this means that to drift you keep pressing the gas and hit the brake as you head into a turn.

A light press typically won’t do it, so make sure you pull the brake trigger all the way and start your turn. As soon as you see the car begin to drift you can let off the brake and skid through the turn. Often it’s best to hit the brake and hold it until you’re sure you’ve begun your drift, as some extra braking is less of a problem than not starting a drift and slamming into a wall or traffic. So get used to the feeling of when the drift starts in order to avoid excess braking that slows you down and gets you into second or third place.

That’s how to drift in Dangerous Driving though, so hopefully this helps answer all your other questions. We’ll be here to help if not, so let us know in the comments if there’s anything else troubling you.

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