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Dark Souls 3 Guide: How to Leave Messages

by Kyle Hanson


Been playing a lot of Dark Souls 3? If so, you’ve probably noticed all of the messages that litter the ground throughout the game. These have been left by other players and randomly populated into your world. Sometimes they are helpful, sometimes they’re funny, and sometimes, on rare occasions, they are just there to mess with you and get you killed. Either way, they’re really fun and a big part of the game. But maybe you want to leave a message yourself, and don’t know how. For you, we have this quick guide for how to leave messages in Dark Souls 3.

While it might seem confusing, the process for how to leave messages in Dark Souls 3 is actually pretty easy. Simply press Start to open up your menu, then press right on the D-pad until you hit the next to last option. Select this and you’ll be taken to the menu where you can create your message.

To avoid cheating and other shenanigans in Dark Souls 3, you can’t just type up whatever you want. Instead you have to choose from select, pre-set options for what to say. You can choose an object and a phrase, so something like “Ambush” and “XXXX ahead” becomes “Ambush ahead” for any players who are presented with your message.

Sift through all of these options to find out what works best for whatever you are trying to convey to other players, then hit Done and you’re all set. Your message will be written right on the ground where you stand.

Also, keep in mind that rating other players messages can be very helpful, so be sure to do that whenever possible. You can rate it Good if it was helpful or interesting, and if it lured you to an untimely death, you can rate it Poor…or just leave it for others to fall into the same trap.

Another note, you used to have to have an item to leave these sorts of messages, but that was eliminated last game and has continued for this one. You do need an item to leave the white summoning messages, but that will be covered in a future guide. For other problems and things you need to read about in Dark Souls 3, check out our Beginners Guide.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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