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Dauntless How to Dodge

A simple button press is all you need, but watch out for your stamina.

by William Schwartz


Dodging is one of the primary mechanics in Dauntless that allows you to get up close and personal with the Behemoths without constantly taking damage.  The dodge mechanic is briefly explained in the tutorial section of the game, but in case you missed it here’s how you dodge in Dauntless.

Dodging itself is pretty easy to do.  You simply need to press the B Button (Xbox) or the Circle Button (PS4).  However, you can’t always dodge when you want to, and that’s because you also need to be mindful of your stamina in the game.

Keep an eye on your stamina so you can dodge when you want to

If you try to dodge when you don’t have enough stamina to do so, you will likely get hit by an enemy attack.  You need to watch the yellow bar underneath your health as each action you do will decrease your stamina.  Heavy Attacks and dodging over and over will decrease your stamina very quickly.

Assuming that you do have the required stamina, pressing the B/Circle button will get you out of harm’s way when you see that an enemy is ready to attack.

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