How to Equip Consumables Dauntless

Dauntless How to Equip Blitz Tonic and Use Consumables in Loadout

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In Dauntless you’ll be heading out into the harsh world to kill monsters and unlock new equipment and weapons.  One of the things that will make life a little bit easier is by crafting and equipping tonics that can grant various benefits in combat.

Markus Boehr is an Alchemist in the main town hub that will give you a quest early on that requires that you equip a blitz tonic consumable to your character and then use it in battle.  To equip the Blitz Tonic you actually need to head into the loadout screen.

On the right side of the screen, underneath the Perk Summary chart, you will see a box with multiple slots.  Simply highlight this box and then press the X/A button to open this menu item and then you can choose which consumable you would like to take with you on a hunt.

How to use Consumable While on Hunt


Once you have a consumable equipped while on the hunt, you can then use them.  Consumables are mapped to the d-pad.  By default, you can heal by pressing up on the d-pad, while the other items will correspond to whatever slot you’ve put them in.

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