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Dauntless How to Get Crafting Materials

Patrols are your best bet for gathering and farming items.

by William Schwartz


Crafting materials in Dauntless are going to be your main method of creating new weapons and armor, and they are also used in crafting different Tonics.  There are numerous ways to get crafting materials in Dauntless, but this guide will explain what activities you need to do to get them.

Once you have progressed a short way into Dauntless you will be given the opportunity to do Patrols instead of Pursuit hunts.  While Pursuit hunts can provide valuable crafting materials, Patrols give you a little bit more freedom to explore and pick up the many different plant materials and ore materials that are scattered on an island.

While your main objective of a Patrol will be to kill the Behemoth in the area, there will be plenty of glowing plants and mineral deposits.  What you’ll need to do is simply walk up to one of these items that are glowing and press the corresponding button on the screen to collect them.  Once you’ve collected them you’ll see a small notification on the left side of the screen.

At the end of a patrol (or a pursuit) you will see everything that you collected during the instance on the left hand side of the after action screen under the loot tab.  This shows all the base rewards for completing a patrol as well as anything that you gathered.  These items can then be used to craft weapons, armor, or consumables.

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