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Dauntless How to Get New Weapons

Kill Behemoths and then head to the weaponsmith to craft new weapons.


There are a number of different weapons in Dauntless that players can unlock as they play.  However, just because the weapons unlock doesn’t mean you’ll get them automatically.  You’ll need to visit the Weaponsmith in Ramsgate to craft weapons with different crafting materials.

To get new weapons in Dauntless you’re gonna need to head to the Weaponsmith and you’ll need to have the necessary crafting ingredients to craft it.  There are multiple weapons types and variants that can be crafted at the smith.  Wils Bormen is the weaponsmith that you’ll need to find and he is located at the top of the stairs to the right of the Ramsgate starting area.

Craft new weapons at the Weaponsmith


Inside his shop you will find the Axe, Chain Blades, Sword, War Pike, and Hammer.  Within each of these main classes there are numerous weapons that can be crafted and your available crafting options will increase as you kill new Behemoths.  Each weapon has different elemental attunements and perks vs. specific enemy types.

For example, once you’ve beaten the Charrogg early on in Dauntless, the weaponsmith will unlock a new Charrogg hammer, sword, blades, axe, and pike.  However, you’ll need specific items to craft each one.  To get the necessary crafting items you’ll need to look at what the requirements are and then track down those pieces.  Usually, once a weapon unlocks, killing more of that enemy type will give you the crafting components you need to craft the weapon you want.

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