Dauntless How to Get Orbs

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Orbs are one of the collectible items in Dauntless that allow you to upgrade the weapons that you craft.  The items are elemental in nature and each have different properties and are used to upgrade weapons and armor of that element.  In Dauntless there are Blaze Orbs, Neutral Orbs, Shock Orbs, Terra Orbs, Frost Orbs, and others.  Each correspond with the upgrades for certain weapons or armor.  Getting orbs in Dauntless comes down to killing behemoths and taking on patrol missions every day.

Patrols are your best bet for orbs

There really are only two types of activities in Dauntless.  You can do Patrols or Pursuits, both will reward you with orbs for your time.  Pursuits have you tracking down a specific Behemoth and upon killing that Behemoth you may or may not get orbs as a reward.  If you are really looking to farm orbs in Dauntless, your time will probably be better spent doing Patrol missions.

Patrols are listed at the Bounty Board after you’ve completed some of the opening missions in Dauntless.  Once you have Patrols unlocked, you will be able to earn Daily Patrol Bonuses, which consist of a ten stack of orbs for whatever patrol you are playing.  If you’re looking to collect orbs of a specific type, you’ll want to select the patrol that corresponds with the orb type you are looking for.  The daily patrol rewards are limited, but you can log-in to Dauntless and collect them everyday if you complete the Patrol.

Once you’ve run out of Daily Bonuses to collect, the only other way to get Orbs in Dauntless is by heading out on missions and hoping that the Behemoth you kill drops them for you.

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