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Dauntless How to Start a Solo Hunt

This out of the way option allows you to hunt by yourself or only your friends.

by William Schwartz


Dauntless is definitely an easier game when playing with others, but it’s understandable if you want to go out for the occasional solo hunt.  While the game will pair you with other Dauntless players by default, you can select a Private Hunt if you want to as well.

To go on a Solo Hunt in Dauntless you simply need to follow the prompts when at the Bounty Board by selecting the “Private Hunt” option.  Using the Private Hunt option will launch you into a solo hunt that you will need to complete without any assistance.

Killing the monsters of Dauntless on your own will definitely be more challenging than with a group.  This Private Hunt option is also the type of hunt that you’ll need to select if you want to play with friends in Dauntless.  Otherwise, your party will be paired with random online players.

Solo Hunt in Dauntless


Once you’ve selected the Private Hunt you will go through the same Hunt Preparations as you do with a group.  You’ll be taken to the airship where you’ll be able to see the Hunt Info screen, elemental guide, recommended loadout level, and hunts.  From the airship you can make final preparations in your loadout as well.

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