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Days Gone How to Fast Travel

You'll need fuel and a clear path to do it.

by William Schwartz


Days Gone features a massive open world that you’ll need to traverse to complete missions.  There are numerous ways to do this.  You can go on foot, you can take your motorcycle, or you can fast travel in the game as well.  Fast traveling will get you to your destination faster than on foot or on your bike, but it will cost you fuel.  This guide will explain everything you need to know about how to fast travel in Days Gone.

Fast travel in Days Gone isn’t a feature that needs to be unlocked.  You can do it from the very beginning of the game and you can do it by pulling up the map screen and then selecting a location to fast travel to.  You cannot use fast travel for all points on the map, but the locations that you can fast travel to will show you a small prompt on the map when you hover over them.

Simply slide your thumb to the right when using the Dualshock Touchpad and this will open the map.  Highlight a camp or other area to see if you can fast travel to it.  Sometimes, the option to fast travel will be disabled because of Infestations that are blocking your way.  If the option is available you’ll be able to fast travel by pressing the Square Button.

Fast travelling will still consume fuel as you will be bringing your bike with you.  The requirements for fast travel will be that you are near your bike, not in combat, and have a clear path to fast travel to the location with no infestations in your way.  Once you hover over the area you want to fast travel to, the image that pops up will tell you exactly how much fuel you will need to make it to this area.  If you don’t have the required fuel you will not be able to fast travel.  You can either get more gas for your bike by looking for the red gas canisters.

Fast travel in Days Gone will also advance time so make sure you won’t be heading somewhere that you want to at a time that you don’t want.  Freakers are much more aggressive at night.

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