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Days Gone Where to Get Gas and Refuel Motorcycle

Keep an eye out for red gas canisters to keep your motorcycle fueled-up.

by William Schwartz


In Days Gone resources like fuel are finite.  Things that you come across like generators or your motorcycle will run out of gas and need to be refueled.  Getting gas in Days Gone requires that you do some searching.  This guide will explain what to look for when trying to find gas in Days Gone so that you can power a generator or put gas in your bike.

To get gas you need to find the red canisters like the one found in the image above.  These gas cans aren’t just found on tow trucks, you’ll find them all over the world of Days Gone.  Sometimes they will be very obvious, sometimes they will be a little bit harder to find.  Keep your eyes peeled for these red containers and try to top off your motorcycle fuel every opportunity that you have.  There are some areas that have more fuel than others.  For instance, areas marked on the map with a gas station will normally have a gas canister or two to use.  Once you find one just pick the item up with the Square button and then you’ll need to take the canister to the thing that you want to add fuel to.

How to Refuel your Motorcycle in Days Gone

Once you’ve got a gas canister you can then take it over to your bike and then use it to refuel.  You will need to physically carry the red canister to your bike and then look at the gas icon on the bike and then hold the Circle Button to begin refueling the motorcycle.

You can always keep an eye on the fuel in Days Gone while driving by looking at the HUD.  To left of the mini-map you will see a gas icon that will be white when you have a lot of fuel and then will slowly drain as you drive the motorcycle or use it to fast travel.  Once you run out of fuel you will not be able to fast travel or drive the bike until you’ve found fuel.

You can also refuel your motorcycle at various encampments in the game.  Just head to the mechanic before leaving a camp and choose the refuel option to top off your bike by using in-game currency.  Depending on how much fuel you currently have it will cost more or less to refuel your bike at camp.

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