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Days Gone How to Repair Bike

Head to a camp mechanic or DIY with scrap.

by William Schwartz


In Days Gone you’ll need to repair your bike pretty often after it takes damage or you won’t be able to drive it.  Like getting gas for your bike, you’re going to need items that you’ve scavenged in Days Gone to repair your bike.  This guide will explain what you need to do to repair the motorcycle in Days Gone, what you’ll need to make the repairs and how to fix the bike.

You can fix your bike any time you are near it.  Simply look at the bottom of the bike, near the engine and you will see a Circle Icon.  If you have the available scrap required to repair the bike you can hold the Circle Button to begin repairs on the bike.  The icon will begin to fill during the repair and Deacon will bend down to make the repairs.  Once the bike is completely repaired.

You can also repair your bike at any encampment mechanic.  Simply head over to the wrench and screwdriver icon in an encampment and then hold the circle button to make the repairs.  Depending on how damaged your bike is, fixing it at the encampment mechanic will cost more or less money.  The mechanic will also allow you to refuel your bike as well, a good idea before heading out for another mission.

Basically there are two ways to repair your bike in Days Gone.  You can do it yourself while away from camps by using scrap or paying for the repairs at a mechanic.

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