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Days Gone How to Save

There are multiple ways to save but there are some rules.

by William Schwartz


Days Gone is a massive open world game that will take you multiple sittings to play, so you want to make sure that you save your game regularly so you don’t lose any progress.  The game has multiple ways to save, but there are some requirements to saving.  This guide will explain the places that you can save your game and how to do it.

Whether you are manually saving or using a quick save, you’re going to need one of the following:  You either need to be near your bike or near your bed and not in combat or on a mission.  Being near your bike should be pretty self explanatory.  If you are near your bike and not in combat or on a mission you can use either a quick save or a manual save.  If you are near a bunk, which will be denoted by the Zzz icon, you can also use either a manual or a quick save.

How to Quicksave in Days Gone

Quicksave can be done by holding the triangle button when near your bike.  Again, to do this you can not be in combat or on a mission while attempting to quick save.  You will see an icon in the bottom left corner of the screen letting you know that you can quicksave.  Hold the button and your progress will be saved.  A quicksave will be listed as “Autosave” when you are trying to load your game through the menu.

Once you’ve done a quick save your will see an icon in the bottom right corner of the screen that will have a spinning circle to let you know that it worked.

How to Manual Save in Days Gone

A manual save is a little bit different than a quick save.  You actually need to go into the menu and manually select the save option.  Head into the menu by pressing the Options button on the Dualshock controller and the select save.  If you are able to save the text will be white, if not, it will be greyed out.  A manual save will be listed without the “Autosave” in the recent saves list.

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