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Days Gone How to Store Weapons or Guns

You'll need to purchase them before you can store them.

by William Schwartz


In Days Gone there is a gun locker that you can access.  This locker allows you to store guns that you acquire in the game and then use them at any time.  This guide will explain exactly what you need to do to store guns in the gun locker in Days Gone.

First and foremost, it’s important to know that you can only store guns in the gun locker if you’ve purchased a weapon from a vendor.  Weapons that you find while exploring the world can be used for as long as you want but they cannot be stored in the locker.

To store a weapon in the gun locker you simply need to head to an encampment and talk to a merchant.  On your mini-map this is the icon with the pistol and bullets.  There are three options to choose from here.  To purchase a weapon you will head into the weapons tab and then select which gun you want to purchase.  Depending on the weapon that you want to purchase you will need to have established a certain level of trust with the camp.

Once you’ve purchased the weapon it will be available in your gun locker.  You can then equip that weapon at any time from the gun locker or restock your ammunition for a fee.

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