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Days Gone How to Use Cover

This is not a cover shooter, but you can still use it.

by William Schwartz


Days Gone is a third person shooter/melee combat game and you’re going to want to stay out of harms way if you want to avoid the heavily armed bandits and rabid zombie freakers in the game.  Using cover in Days Gone is a little bit different than other games of this type because of the way that the cover system works.  Unlike other popular third person games there isn’t a snap to cover option that lets you know that you are using cover.

Instead, you’re just going to have to naturally use cover by using the crouch button to duck behind cover when the time calls for it.  Doing this will make it harder for enemies to shoot at you, leaving your body less exposed to damage from bullets.  There are many things that can be used for cover in Days Gone, from rocks to fences, tree stumps, and many other items but it’s important to note that this isn’t a “cover shooter”  where you have to press a button to enter or exit cover.

Using cover in Days Gone requires that you physically put an object between you and the enemy while using the crouch button to stay hidden.  Some cover items can also be vaulted over, like fences for example.  However, you will need to get out of the crouched position to vault over cover to attack your enemies.

Cover can be used to get the jump on enemies as well, using stealth takedowns as they approach.  So long as they are unaware that you are there, you may see a green icon appear as they approach you while in cover which will allow you to get a quick takedown.

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