Days Gone What to do with Freaker Ears

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In Days Gone you’re going to be killing a lot of zombies.  These zombies are called Freakers and each one you kill will leave behind an item that you can collect called Freaker Ears.  These ears are somewhat of a currency in the world and you can use them to get better weapons and equipment from the different camps in the world.  This guide will explain what to do with Freaker Ears and how you can use them to build trust with camps and earn money in Days Gone.

Each time that you kill a Freaker zombie in Days Gone you will see that if you walk over their body they will have an item that you collect.  Each different type of Freaker has a different ear of different values to the bounty NPC in each camp.  Once you’ve collected some Freaker zombie ears you can take them to the bounty collector at any encampment and they will give you both a trust bonus and some cash for your bounty.

Depending on the type of ear, you will get more or less for them from the bounty NPC.  You can find the bounty NPC by looking for the Ace playing card icon on your mini-map while in the Encampments.  You can sell these ears in multiple denominations:  Sell Single, Sell a Stack, or Sell All.

Turning in Freaker Ear bounties will allow you to quickly earn trust with the camps, which in turn will allow you to buy better guns and equipment from the camp merchants.

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