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Dead by Daylight Beta, How to Play with Jill and Leon

These two are some of the more offensive survivors we've seen so far

by Luna Wilkes


The latest additions to the Dead by Daylight continue to await their official release in a few weeks while PC players get in-depth information through the use of the Dead by Daylight Beta. Through this beta, we were able to take a closer look at Nemesis, and with it, we will also be taking a look at the two new survivors and their perks. Jill Valentine and Leon Scott are on the examination table today, so let’s take a look at what their perks can let them do. And while it is true that perks can eventually be taught to all survivors, it’s still good to take a look at what the exact intentions of how these survivors were designed to play are, so let’s get right into it those concepts.

Jill Valentine, Strike Back from the Shadows

Right off the bat, Jill’s perks line her up to try and sabotage the Killer through more indirect methods. Her first perk is called Counterforce and revolves around the routine destruction of the totems scattered around every map. With it equipped she can destroy totems faster than any other survivor and even gains extra destruction speed with every totem cleansed. In addition to this ability, the perk also reveals to her the location of the farthest totem from her position whenever she finishes cleansing one, so get right to cleansing if you’ve got this equipped. Her second perk is known as Resurgence, and makes it so that whenever she’s freed from a hook, be it by her own hand or someone else’s, she gains automatic progress towards being healed, greatly reducing the time it will take to heal her. Her third perk is one that can directly affect the Killer and is called Blast Mine. After repairing a generator to 66% completion, she can install a trap on the generator that activates if the Killer tries to break it, at which point a flash bomb will go off and temporarily blind and stun anyone in its radius.

Leon Scott, a More Direct Threat

While Jill is more suited to the shadows, Leon can make an impact against the Killer while remaining close to them. Right off the bat, his first perk is called Bite the Bullet and greatly enhances his chances of survival when healing. To put it simply, it makes him heal in perfect silence, with failed skill checks inducing no sound cues whatsoever even when the Killer is less than a foot away. His second perk is perhaps one of the most offensive ones in the game and is called Flashbang. After repairing generators for a certain amount of percentage, Leon can then enter a locker and craft a flashbang to use however he wishes. The flashbang takes up the held item slot, but when used it can be thrown and when it goes off it will stun and blind anyone caught in the blast radius, making it something that can be used to directly affect the Killer and make a clean getaway. His third perk is called Rookie Spirit and makes it so that after passing a certain number of repair skill checks on generators he gains the ability to see the auras of any generators that are regressing.


Hopefully, this look at things sheds some light on what these two are going to be capable of when the full release of the expansion comes around. As mentioned before, the perks of these two characters will be able to be unlocked for other survivors as well, which should make for some interesting games thanks to the stunning bombs these two have the ability to create. And for all of you playing the game through Steam you can try out these two for yourself before release by enabling the Dead by Daylight Beta through Steam. So have some fun with them before release and see if you’ll want to purchase the full DLC for yourself when it comes out later this month.

Dead By Daylight is available on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia.

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