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Death Stranding: How to Charge and Repair Bikes

Fix the Bike and get it moving.

by Kyle Hanson


While Death Stranding puts a heavy emphasis on walking from point A to point B, the game offers a lot of fast travel options. The first you’ll be presented with is a busted up bike, sitting outside one of the many Distribution Centers tucked into this post apocalyptic world. The bike isn’t in the best shape, needing a recharge and repair session. The game doesn’t take its time to explain all of this to you though, so let’s break it down. Here’s how to charge and repair bikes in Death Stranding.

How to Charge Bikes

Everything that requires power in Death Stranding runs off of batteries. There’s a few ways to charge these things up, and it can differ a bit based on the device. Focusing on bikes, which are referred to as Reverse Trikes in the game world, you’ll almost certainly need to build a generator. We’ve shown you how to build things in the past, but in short you need to get a PCC and use it near the dilapidated bike to get a generator up and running. Once it is, the bike should charge quickly. In the future, you can recharge by pulling up next to any generator, or parking on the spots near the larger cities. Your final option is the same way you repair bikes, so keep reading to find out about that.

How to Repair Bikes

Repairing bikes is easy, but does require special locations. Safe Houses which feature a garage are the key. This includes any Chiral Network connected location that allows access to Sam’s Private Room. This basically boils down to any Know City, Distribution Center, or online Safe House which other players can build, as well as yourself. Once you find one of these places just park the bike on the large circular pad you use as an elevator. Enter your Private Room or choose the Garage option within the terminal menu. You can store the vehicle and immediately retrieve it if you want and not only will it be recharged, but it will also be fully repaired.

And that’s how to charge and repair bikes in Death Stranding.

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