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Death Stranding: How to Get Likes, How Likes Work

Likes are the currency of the Death Stranding universe.

by William Schwartz


In Death Stranding the world works on a system of likes from its inhabitants, and those inhabitants are you the player, the NPC characters, and the other porters of the world (online players).  Doing certain things in the world will allow you to garner likes from other players, and you can rate other player actions by liking them.

How Likes Work

When you use structures and other things that other players have contributed to the game you can send that person a like, or numerous likes.  The more likes you exchange with other players, the more structures and features you will be able to share from your world.

You can send likes to other players content by pressing the touchpad on the front of the dualshock when in front of someone else’s structure.  There is a cool down period that takes place after you’ve liked an object or item before you can like it again.

You can get likes from:

  • Online Players
  • From NPC
  • From BB

How to get Likes

To get likes you want to do things that benefit the community.  Building structures that make life easier.  Leaving sign posts that are helpful or items like ladders, ropes, or other structures will likely have other players taking the time to like and appreciate your contribution.

Everything that you do that other players can interact with will get you likes from online players.  Building structures or vehicles could get you likes from online players if that thing helped them out.  You can also donate items to a locker to get likes.  Delivering lost cargo for other porters or completing group goals for materials in building structures (like building a road) will get you likes too.

You can get likes from NPCS as well.  Facilities can be leveled up and reputation can be gained from each place that you bring on to the network.  Complete package deliveries, getting high ranks for deliveries, and delivering lost cargo will get you likes from different locations.

Lastly, you can also get likes from BB.  You can get likes from BB by using the sink in the safe room.  BB will give you likes for pictures that you take.  BB will also give you likes when you make big jumps out in the world.

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