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Death Stranding: How to See Other Online Players

Build a relationship to help each other progress.

by William Schwartz


In Death Stranding there are many other players that help shape your game world.  Each person that has contributed to your world you can view these player’s profiles by accessing the Bridge Links section of the menus.

Form a Stand Contract with other players.

Any person that you’ve interacted with that either you’ve liked or has liked your contributions will show up here.  You can strengthen connection to other players here and you can form Stand Contacts.  Once you form a strand contract you will see their structures and lost cargo more easily in your game.

To access Bridge Links simply select this option from the in-game menu and then scroll through the different players that you’ve encountered.  You can also select the “View Own Records” option to look at all of your personal data, this includes your delivery stats, social likes, orders, and structures built.

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