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Deathloop Delivery Booth Code Location

How do you open the delivery booths on Blackreef?

by Diego Perez


You can come across a Delivery Booth while playing Deathloop, but you need a code to open it. There are several of these Delivery Booths spread across the island of Blackreef, so how do you find the code. Thankfully, the same code will work for all of them, so you only have to find one password. It’s pretty easy to find too. You just have to know where to look. Here’s where to find the Delivery Booth code in Deathloop.

Where to Find the Delivery Booth Code in Deathloop

The Deathloop delivery booth code can be found in Fristad Rock at Noon. It’s written on a whiteboard inside Fia’s bunker. To reach it, turn right immediately after leaving the tunnels at the beginning of the area. Climb up the ledge and continue across the shipping container. This will bring you to an area dotted with mines, so tread carefully.

Continue up the ledge to the left and go past the trucks, all while avoiding the mines. You’ll see a circular building with a few enemies in it. Continue past this building and make your way down the steep dropoff. If you see a bunker entrance guarded by a turret and some Eternalists, you’re in the right place.

Just inside the bunker, there are some small windows on the right-hand side. These windows let you look into a room with a whiteboard. The four-digit code is written on the bottom left corner of this whiteboard next to a big blueprint. You can break the windows and hop inside to get a closer look if you need to, but you should be able to see it from the outside.


This code will unlock all of the Delivery Booths in the game. Keep in mind that Deathloop randomizes its codes for every player, so you cannot just copy someone else’s combination from a guide or video. You have to go and find your unique four-digit code in your own game.

Deathloop Delivery Booth Locations

Once you learn the code, you can open any of the Delivery Booths on the island. Here are the locations for all four Deathloop Delivery Booths:

  • The Complex: In the parking lot near the tunnels
  • Updaam: In front of the library
  • Karl’s Bay: On the road to the left of the tunnels
  • Fristad Rock: Near the AEON panel by the tunnels

All of them can be found relatively close to Colt’s tunnels at the beginning of a level, which is convenient. You can use these Delivery Booths to order a few useful items like batteries, crank wheels, and turrets.

Deathloop is available now on PC and PlayStation 5.

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