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Deathloop Easter Egg – 0451 Door Code

A Favourable Code Amongst Developers

Of all the time-looping endeavors and action, one tiny reference may fall under many Deathloop player’s radars. Between the killing and mystery-solving, Arkane Studios have snuck a small callback to a 90’s game developer right in the middle of Deathloop’s chaos. As you may have noticed during your adventure of loop breaking through Blackreef, codes are quite a large part of the environment. Be it unlocking safes and alternate paths, to even progressing the story. What makes these codes stand out in Deathloop is how varied they can be, these codes are different for each player, encouraging further exploration. Of all codes accessible to Colt, the famous “0451” stands out on a massive scale.

What Is The Significance?

Beginning from a door code in the game “System Shock” released in 1994, “0451” was an actual code used to access “Looking Glass Studios” a developer known for immersive games between 1990 and 2000. Further projects also had a code of the same number variation included, until it eventually become a running joke amongst the industry.

Ever since many other game developers have incorporated the same passkey. Games such as Deus Ex, Dishonored 1/2, Thief, and the Bioshock games are just the tip of the iceberg. All of us as gaming fans have most likely entered it once in our lifetimes and no doubt will in the future. Of all things to have in common as game developers, this one code seems to be rather a large part of the pop-culture items of today.

In this case, Deathloop is no different. If a player attempts to unlock a door with the famed code, Colt jokingly mutters to himself  “Old Habits Die Hard”, adding even more of a wink by Arkane Studios. Along with entering the code, the player also earns a trophy titled “You Know The Code”, to add to their collection. It is almost a guarantee that these four numbers will reappear down the line in yet another game series, and even then, players will be quick to notice the subtle, yet popular easter egg.

Deathloop is currently available on PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows.

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