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Deathloop: How To Change Outfits and Unlock More Clothes

Styles Upon Styles

by Ben Stroud


In the world of Deathloop, both Colt and Julianna can be outfitted with various clothing and stylistic designs. Although, these cannot be customized until the first few quests, playing as Colt, are completed. Some outfits fall under Pre-Order bonuses, whilst others can be simply earned by playing through the game, and through Julianna’s multiplayer invasive “Protect The Loop” mode. Below, you can find how to change character outfits, and how to eventually earn more.

How To Change Outfits in Deathloop

Off the bat, Colt’s first awakening doesn’t include many options of style changes until a couple of hours into the game. As soon as the Loadout and Gear sections become customizable, here is where both Colt and Julianna can freshen up. Moving your cursor over Colt and pressing X brings up a menu containing fourteen outfit choices. Here Pre-Order bonuses, like the “Party Crasher” tuxedo, for instance, are available.

As for Julianna, the concept is merely the same. Soon as the second mode is unlocked by playing in-game. Clicking on the Protect The Loop mode from the main menu brings a like-minded layout as Colt’s loadout screen. Again, moving your cursor onto Julianna will give you the option of substituting outfits for her. Both character’s outfits are purely cosmetic and do not include any buffs or advantages.


How to Unlock More Clothes in Deathloop

Regarding acquiring more outfits for both characters, simply level up Julianna in her invasion mode by performing certain tasks/challenges and earning XP. When unlocked, the outfit becomes available for customization whenever you choose to do so. Earning more is quite simple and is easily earned by casually playing the game. The more bombastic and well-executed killing of Colt earns Julianna more XP and ranks her up even faster. Challenges such as killing Colt within sixty seconds to winning an invasion without healing, all earn points towards progress, consult the Hunter Progression page next to your loadout, to view more.

Deathloop is currently available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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