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Deathloop Weapons List and Where to Find – Weapon Locations

These are the standard weapons of Deathloop

by William Schwartz


Deathloop has a number of interesting weapons but it is primarily a first person shooter with a variety of guns to find and use.  The unique mechanic in Deathloop is that the levels change times of day and you’ll find weapons in certain locations at some times and other weapon locations at others.  In this guide we’ll provide a weapons list for Deathloop as well as the weapon locations and times you can find them.  As well we’ll discuss the different weapon rarity levels that you can find in Deathloop.

Gun Locations in Deathloop & Times

As we explained above the time mechanic in Deathloop functions in such a way that levels change depending on the time of day.


  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • One-handed submachine gun can be dual-wielded with any other weapon


  • Type – Rifle
  • The Rapier allows for kills from distance or up close.  Only downside is that it takes a little longer to reload than most weapons

PT-6 Spiker

  • Type – Nail Gun
  • Effectively a silent pistol equally capable of taking out enemies at short and long range in the right hands.


  • Type – Semi-Auto Pistol
  • Pistol with low recoil and high accuracy

MG-1 Pepper Mill

  • Type – LMG
  • Large magazine coupled with a high rate of fire will allow you to deal with multiple enemies at once.

Strelak 50-50

  • Type – Shotgun
  • This shotgun is used in short to medium range situations and fires in short bursts

Vopat Trencher

  • Type – Shotgun
  • Big loud shotgun that does shotgun things at close ranges


  • Type – Pistol
  • The Fourpounder is the “Hand Cannon” in Deathloop.  Powerful and capable of dual-wielding.  Slow firing, but extremely effective.

There are a handful of other Gold Tier Guns that you can get in Deathloop.  If you want to find out where to find these weapons check out this Gold Weapons Locations Guide for Deathloop.

Weapon Rarity Levels

Guns have four weapon rarity levels.

  • Grey – Most common (can jam)
  • Blue – Fairly common
  • Purple – Come with unique perk
  • Gold – Extremely Rare

Any gun with a rarity level of purple or higher comes with a unique weapon perk.  The higher the rarity the more effective the perks.   Weapon perks are random.

That’s everything you need to know about guns in Deathloop.  Obviously this is just the starting point for a lot of these weapons as they can be outfitted with different trinkets to make them even more powerful.

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