Death’s Door: How to Beat Betty

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Figuring out how to beat Betty in Death’s Door? Luckily, she turns out to be quite a bit easier than the bosses that precede her and definitely the bosses that follow. Unlike the other bosses within Death’s Door, she doesn’t make a recurring appearance throughout her fortress but instead stands as a mysterious figure up until the point where the repear stands toe to toe with her. Unfortunately, she has one of the giant souls you need to finish the game so you’ll have to deal with her eventually. Here’s everything we know on how to beat Betty.

How to Beat Betty

The battle against Betty in Death’s Door is probably one of the easier ones you’ll encounter. The fight takes place in a snowy landscape and will mostly require mastery of the dodge roll to get through unscathed. The battle starts with Betty hopping around and dealing damage where she lands. As the battle progresses, she’ll begin rolling at you as well as later summoning snowballs that will pelt the battlefield, both of which you’ll need to dodge. There are plenty of opportunities in between her attacks to dish out damage so learning the very few mechanics she has will lead to certain victory. Lucky for you, we’ve got all of Betty’s phases laid out down below.

Phase 1

  • Betty will do a few hops and try to smush you followed by a couple of swipes while she is on the ground. Roll out of the way and attack after she lands while dodging her swipes. They’re pretty slow so you should be able to get quite a few hits in.
  • After a couple of rounds of jumps, Betty will roll herself into a ball and attempt to crash into you. Get some distance between you and her and dodge as she can do this repeatedly and whittle you down very fast. She will roll three times before returning to her jumps.

Phase 2

  • After doing enough damage, Betty will roar and throw a snowball directly at you, dodge out of this and continue the fight as before.
  • After doing more damage (when she is closer to death), Betty will begin to rain snowballs down from the sky. There will be a shadow on the ground of where they will fall so be sure to stay away from their path while dodging the other mechanics.
  • Continue the pattern from phase one while dodging snowballs to net another giant soul for Death’s Door.

Death’s Door is available July 20th, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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