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Death’s Door: How to Beat the Grey Crow

A somber goodbye.

by Andron Smith


So, you’ve made it to the point where you need to beat The Grey Crow in Death’s Door? Yeah, this was definitely one of the more somber parts of the game and honestly the second to hardest fight in the game. After gathering all the giant souls in the game, unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with your impromptu mentor. So steel your nerves (and your heart) as this battle will be bittersweet to say the least. Here’s everything we know on how to beat the Grey Crow.

How to Beat the Grey Crow

Defeating the Grey Crow in Death’s Door is going to test everything you’ve learned so far. Primarily, you’ll need to be quick on your attacks so equipping a faster weapon will make the fight a lot easier. This fight is super involved but we’ll do our best to summarize. The battle begins with Grey Crow dive-bombing you followed by either a run (which will damage you) or a skid that you can use to deal a bit of damage to him. Note that throughout this whole battle, every hit you do to him will spawn dark bird heads that will chase you around. So whenever you deal damage, prepare to dodge and be ready to smack the bird heads back at him. As the battle progresses, Crow will shoot out chains that he will then zip along. Do not stand on the chains to avoid damage. He will also run on all fours three times in a row which will do damage so dodge and wait for his run to end to try and get some more hits in. Another attack he’ll try, during the first phase, is a roar followed by a run into a chain. Dodge these and attack and you’ll be in phase 2. Phase 2 is not as bad but look out for crow’s black hole that you’ll need to run away from as well as the tiny birds that will slow you down during it. This battle is one more of perseverance so expect it to take a bit longer and focus more on dodging his attacks than dealing a whole bunch of damage and you’ll make it through. That said, here’s the full breakdown of how to beat the Grey Crow.

Phase 1

  • Grey Crow was, well, a reaper like you so he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve
  • Doing damage to him at any point during this battle will spawn dark bird heads. These bird heads will chase you around so you will need to attack these to get them out of your way as they will keep coming the further into the phase you get. If you manage to knock them back at Grey Crow, this is free ranged damage without using any magic.
  • His first attack is a jumping dive bomb to where you currently are. Dodge out of the way or keep moving to avoid this. When he lands, he’ll either skid for a bit or begin running away. You’ll want to be on the move as if he decides to run after the dive bomb, he’ll deal damage to you. If he skids, he’ll deal no damage and have a nice wide opening.
  • When Grey Crow roars during this phase, he will always do one scurry first followed by a chain. Dodge these and prepare for the chain mechanic
  • Grey crow will shoot chains across the map and then zoom along their path. Just be sure you’re not on top of any chain and you’ll dodge the damage. As the phase goes on, he’ll start making crosses and other patterns with the chains so keep on the move as much as you can.
  • Attack as often as possible after his dive bomb to do the most damage during this phase.

Phase 2

  • After dealing enough damage, Grey Crow gets some new moves.
  • Grey Crow will stop and look like he is praying then summon a black hole. This will draw you in and he will combo this with multiple chains. Roll as much as you can away from the dark hole and ensure you are fighting back any dark bird heads as well as ensuring you’re not on a chain when the move finishes.
  • After a bit more damage is done, when Grey Crow is nearing death, his roar will now summon little tiny birds before performing his scurry to chain combo. Smack the birds with your sword and be sure not to let too many touch you along the way. The more that touch you, the slower you move (at least that appears to be the situation in the current build.)
  • Keep at it and eventually, your former “mentor” will go down and you’ll be heading towards the final battle of the main game. Hold your tears.

Death’s Door is available July 20th, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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