Death's Door - How to Beat the King of the Swamp

Death’s Door: How to Beat the King of the Swamp

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Has the King of the Swamp got you hopping mad in Death’s Door? Well, you’re not alone as this boss is sure to give a lot of players plenty of grief and lots of laughs to boot. Death’s Door’s bosses come in all shapes and sizes but none can match the sheer caliber of the lines delivered by the Frog King. To continue with the game, you have to take him down no matter how loveable he is, and lucky for you, here is everything we know on how to beat the King of the Swamp.

How to Beat the King of the Swamp

Beating the King of the Swamp boss battle in Death’s Door is not too bad, especially if you listen to the frog king’s hints.  During the battle, the king will have a few tells as to where he’s going as well as where to hit so if you have a keen eye, you can down him in no time. The battle begins with the king hopping around on his mace which you’ll just need to dodge and hit him in the back three times to move on to the next phase of the battle. In this phase, the king will go to either side of the giant platform and perform various attacks. After surviving each attack, you’ll need to strike the mace on his back to regenerate the blocks on the platform. Continue to work through these mechanics and deal damage and you’ll have the frog king begging for mercy. If you’d like a more detailed phase-by-phase analysis on how to beat the king of the swamp though, see below!

Phase 1

  • The frog king begins the battle using his giant mace as a pogo stick. As he jumps around, the squares below him will disappear and if caught under him, you’ll take damage. After doing a number of stomps, the frog king will end with a giant attack on his mace that will restore the blocks he broke earlier.
  • During this part, dodge as best as possible and try to position yourself where you can get behind him just after his final stomp.
  • Once he lands after his final attack, he’ll leave his back exposed. Attack it to loose a strap on his armor which send the king flying into the water.
  • Move around as he’ll try to attack from underneath. A square will shake showing where he is coming from. Once back on the platform, he’ll do his mace jump again with an increasing amount of blocks being taken as time goes on.
  • Continue to dodge and hit him a total of three times in the back. Once done, Phase 2 will begin.

Phase 2

  • Phase 2 starts with the king losing his armor and jumping onto the platform. He’s a lot bigger and a lot more naked now but also sits a bit longer doing nothing so smack him as soon as he lands.
  • After a few hits, he’ll jump to the bottom of the platform and begin to tilt it. Squares will begin to break randomly so run and use your dodge roll to avoid falling into the water.
  • Once he completes this attack, he’ll jump on the platform again, be sure to refill your magic by hitting him as much as you can and save at least one arrow shot for the next part.
  • After being hit for a bit, he’ll now jump to the top of the platform and stand with his back to you for an odd amount of time. Shoot him in the back to hit the mace and return the platform to its full structure.
  • At the top of the platform, he’ll now throw grenades that will break tiles again. Run around and dodge to avoid these. They do track so if you keep on the move, you should be good.
  • He’ll again jump on the platform, hit him a bunch and he’ll return to the bottom part of the platform to begin the pattern listed above again
  • Again, be sure to shoot his mace when he heads south or it will make this part a lot harder.
  • Once you deal enough damage, the king will perish and that’s another boss down. Grats!

Death’s Door is available July 20th, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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