Death’s Door: How to Beat the Lord of Doors

Death is knocking on his door.

by Andron Smith
Death's Door Lord Of Doors

Well, you finally did it – you’re facing down the Lord of Doors in Death’s Door and freaking the heck out, right? Well, the Lord of Doors is the final battle in the main portion of the game and thankfully is probably the toughest fight you’ll encounter. To truly bring death back to all realms, he just has to die. That’s your motivation and if you want to see those credits roll, you’re the one who has to do it. Enough jabber jawing as it’s time to get to work, here’s everything we know on how to beat the Lord of Doors.

How to Beat the Lord of Doors

Defeating the Lord of Doors in Death’s Door is no small feat. He is probably the most difficult boss in the main game which is suitable as he is also the final one. Luckily as you progress through his phases, you’ll get a few checkpoints so the battle doesn’t have to be completed in just one go. The name of the game here is to retain as much life as you can as you progress so you’re not facing off on multiple phases with just one life bar as his attacks are pretty crazy, to say the least. To summarize, the Lord of Doors’ main attack is a leaping three-punch combo that you will need to dodge then attack after the final hit lands. Do this enough and he’ll adjust and start rushing you with bulls. As the fight progresses, he’ll begin adding pillar attacks and other things and honestly, it’s so complex that it’s better to just review each phase below as one paragraph isn’t going to cut it. See below for a full rundown of exactly how to beat the Lord of Doors.

Phase 1

  • The Lord of Doors (LoD) will begin with a leaping three-punch combo that will track your location ending with a double fist pound. Dodge these and wait till the third is done and attack while he is cooling down. Note he will backhand you so be prepared to dodge if this comes out or stick and move to avoid this mechanic entirely. He’ll repeat this a few times before moving on.
  • LoD will summon a group of doors who rush like bulls, move out of their path to dodge them and after the last one goes, the lord of doors will jump down and smash the ground. Attack him after this.
  • This pattern repeats only one to two times and after enough damage, he’ll hop into a door.

Phase 2 (Bull Area 1)

  • This marks the first checkpoint so if you die, you’ll be able to continue from here.
  • Immediately equip your Hookshot spell as you’ll need it later.
  • Run down the hallway and doge the bulls coming from left and right.
  • Continue onwards and look out for the bull coming straight ahead, followed by one form the right. Depending on how fast you move through, you’ll be able to skip some of the summons during this.
  • Quickly use the Hookshot to make it through the next section and reach the end. You’ll need to dodge a few bulls during this as well.
  • At the end, you’ll be able to do a little damage before he takes off to the next area. Follow him through the door.

Phase 3 (Flower Area 1)

  • LoD will again do his three-hit combo just as before.
  • LoD will now summon a series of three pots that will do damage to you if they hit so just dodge out the way.
  • Deal enough damage and eventually, he’ll summon a new door (as he does) and it’s on to the next area.

Phase 4 (Bull and Flower Area 2)

  • Again, equip the Hookshot spell to quickly move through this next area.
  • If you find yourself trapped, wait till the last moment and try to dodge into the wall beside a bull to get past it.
  • Once in the next flower area, if enough damage has been dealt, LoD will start adding new attacks.
  • He’ll glow a pinkish hue and strike the ground three times in succession. This will shoot red pillars from his point of impact in a Y-ish shape, dodge away from these. Keeping on the move during this attack will ensure you can dodge as there is a good amount of space to do so in. Moving counter-clockwise on the map we found worked well.
  • After his glowing pillar attack, he’ll do his three-hit combo followed again by his glowing pillar attack so rinse wash, and repeat.
  • Again he’ll jump away, follow him.

Phase 5 (Bull Area 3 and Ice Area 1)

  • There will be another bull area here but this time with breakable floors. Utilize your dodge roll and Hookshot to get through here quickly.
  • Now LoD is pulling a Betty and will immediately roll into you when you come into the zone. Dodge this and make sure not to stand under where he lands. Hit him a few times and he’ll do either another roll or his three-hit combo.
  • After enough damage, he’ll move on to the next phase. Technically at this point, you’ve learned how to beat the Lord of Doors, but there is still a bit more…

Phase 6 (Bull Area 4)

  • Just run ahead and make it through using your dodge rolls and Hookshot. Note that some bulls will come from behind you at the beginning so use the bench to prevent getting damaged by them.
  • Once you make it to the end, you’ll emerge in an eerily familiar place with full health and magic (YES) which will be your new checkpoint.
  • Head down the path to where you usually do your upgrades to phase the Last Lord (oh yeah, and listen to some awesome music)

Phase 7 (The Last Lord)

  • The Last Lord is basically just LoD turned up to 11
  • All of the attacks LoD used before will return with odd combinations
  • If the Last Lord snaps his fingers, three explosive jars will begin spawning from doors. He’ll combo this with either his rolling ball where you need to dodge and avoid where he falls or his triple punch combo. Hit him after you’re safe from the jars to deal some damage.
  • The Last Lord will use A new attack that will place a white circle around you. Button mash to get out of it. As you do this, he’ll begin his triple red pillar attacks, dodge these like normal. We found getting close to him and using the attack button to mash out will give some free damage to him when you are released from the white circle.
  • Another new mechanic is the Last Lord will fly up to the top of the room and start firing a laser along with summoning door bulls to smash into you. To dodge these, run towards him and make a small horizontal oval shape around his laser focus while using your dodge roll to avoid any bulls. This luckily doesn’t last very long before he jumps and smashes into the ground.
  • While on the floor, the lord may summon a big red ball right in front of him. RUN AWAY as he’s going to do a large dome attack that fills a large portion of the room.
  • Continue to work through these mechanics and after a bit, you’ll have finished the Last Lord and brought death back to the land. Congrats on clearing the main game!


Death’s Door is available July 20th, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.