Death’s Door: How to Beat the Witch of Urns

Time to take grandma to school, old school...

by Andron Smith
Death's Door How To Beat The Witch Of Urns

Stuck on the Witch of Urns boss fight in Death’s Door? Battling against bosses is some of the most fun you’ll have in the game and of course, can prove pretty challenging if you don’t know what to do. The first dungeon you’ll probably tackle is the ceramic manor owned by Grandma AKA the Witch of Urns. Before you walk in unprepared though, here’s everything we know on how to Beat the Witch of Urns.

How to Beat the Witch of Urns

The battle against the Witch of Urns in Death’s Door will require you to stay light on your toes. During this battle, she’ll throw multiple jars with one doing damage and the other emitting a green spirit orb that will chase you around. While doing this she’ll hop around, doing damage to the areas she lands in and you’ll want to dodge these while weaving in damage as the battle goes on. After a period of time, she’ll hop into a pot and spin around like crazy. During this, she’ll shoot out a bullet hell style purple spirit orb which you’ll need to avoid until she finishes up. Once done, she’ll hop back out of the pot and start over again. After enough damage is done, she’ll add a new move where she’ll dash across the room and emit purple orbs along her path. Again, just dodge and keep battling, and eventually, she’ll go down. That’s the quick and dirty but see below for a longer breakdown of each phase of the fight.

Phase 1

  • Grandma will throw two types of jars during the first phase of this boss fight. Both jars you’ve no doubt encountered within her ceramic mansion up until now.
  • One jar will spew purple smoke while the other will be blue and emit a green spirit that will chase you around.
  • Simply dodge both jar attacks as she throws them and when the green spirit begins to chase you, attack it to deflect it back (hopefully at Grandma). As she throws these jars, run up and pop her a few times but be ready to dodge as the jars will target where you currently stand.
  • After she throws enough jars, she’ll hop into a pot. You can start attacking the pot immediately to get in some extra damage until she is fully inside.
  • Once fully in the pot, she will bounce around a few times and will damage you if she lands on top of you. Run around until she finishes her bouncing and hit her a few more times.
  • The pot will tip over with her inside and begin to spin while spewing purple bullets which you’ll need to either dodge or attack to knock them away. During this, you can still attack her in the pot so be light on your feet to not get hit too many times while dishing out damage.
  • Once she finishes her spin she’ll hop out of the pot and repeat throwing jars again followed by her hopping in the pot to spew more bullets. This is a pattern and will repeat until you do enough damage to move her onto Phase 2.
  • Note: as the fight goes on, she will begin adding in three green spirit jars which you’ll need to prepare for but that is the only variation until Phase 2.

Phase 2

  • This phase is pretty short as by the time she starts it, she should be very close to death.
  • When grandma skates across the room, she will emit purple fireballs on either side of her path which you’ll need to dodge or knockback at her.
  • In addition, when she does her jump, she will now emit purple fireballs as well.
  • Everything else is the same however so continue onwards and she’ll be down in no time. Congrats!


Death’s Door is available July 20th, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.