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Demon’s Souls How to Access Storage – Lost Weapons

You can't carry it all.

by William Schwartz


In Demon’s Souls you will notice from time to time that your on-person storage can be pretty limited.  Meaning that if there’s an item to be picked up you may need to move it immediately to storage.  In this guide we’ll explain where you need to go to access your items in storage in Demon’s Souls on the PlayStation 5.

Your items will be back in the Nexus

If you want to access those items right now you need to go back to the Nexus.  There is an NPC near the Nexus spawn point that you can speak with to get access to your storage items.  “Stockpile Thomas” is sat down next to the Blacksmith Boldwin on his left.  Thomas’ purpose in the Nexus is to serve as the guardian of your stuff and speaking with him will allow you to Organize Storage after selecting that option in the NPC menu.

Once in the Organize Storage section you will see that you have both an Inventory screen and the Storage Box screen.  From here you can move items back and forth between storage and inventory.  While highlighting an item in your inventory you can press the X button to deposit it into your storage box.  By pressing the Square Button you can toggle between the two screens.  When in the Storage Box you can similarly retrieve items and move them back into your inventory.

Be sure to check through all of the different types of items at the top of the screen.  There are multiple sections to toggle through from smaller items to materials, weapons, ammunition and more.  If you didn’t realize that you picked up a specific weapon or item it may be in Thomas’ Stockpile of items in your storage.  So make sure you to give him a visit when you’re in the Nexus from time to time.

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