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Demon’s Souls PS5 – How to Get Past the Dragon

Manipulate this dragon to get the treasure and then get across the bridge.

by William Schwartz


In the first main area in Demon’s Souls bang your head against it long enough and you’re going to come across a pair of dragons.  On one side of the area, a Dragon’s Den where a blue and a red dragon guard numerous treasures.  On the other, a bridge where if you stick around too long you’ll feel the wrath of the red dragon’s bombing run.  In this guide we’ll explain exactly how to avoid the dragon on the bridge and near the treasure.

Go to the bridge and when you hear the Red Dragon head back to the area with the treasure

What you want to do here is collect the treasure first and then cross the bridge.  To do this you need to manipulate the dragon to come and guard the bridge.  So head towards the bridge and start to cross it but don’t go too far.  You’ll hear the dragon approach and be ready to turn the other way as the dragon will start spewing fire that will damage you drastically.  Instead, when you hear the dragon run back the other way and go to this area in the image above.  Hug the right wall and you’ll be able to pick up the Purple Fire Shield.

One thing to note here is that you also have to be careful of the Blue Dragon’s tail and is can attack you with it if you get to close or stick around too long.  The Purple Shield is the the second glowing orb on the right hand side along the wall.  The first is a healing item.  You also need to be careful not to stick around too long because the Red Dragon will return.  You can repeat this process to get all the goodies here, or you can just grab the shield and go.

To get past the Red Dragon guarding the bridge, you simply need to do this in reverse.  Once the Dragon is finished his bombing run on the bridge he will return to the treasure area.  You’ll want to make sure that in his bombing run he’s killed the majority of the enemies on the bridge, that way, you can just run across while it’s resting near the treasure.  But don’t wait around too long because it’ll be back to bomb the bridge in short order.

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