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Demon’s Souls PS5 – How to Save – Are There Bonfires?

You've got options.

by William Schwartz


Demon’s Souls has a pretty standard saving system where you’re not gonna get into too much trouble if you log out incorrectly in terms of losing progress.  There are a few different ways that leaving the game will be handled in terms of how it saves your game.  We’ll go over the different save instances below for Demon’s Souls.

Close game from dashboard

Say you are playing Demon’s Souls and you head out to the dashboard.  Whether you start another game, or manually close out Demon’s Souls your progress will basically be saved right where you left off and went out to the menu at.  Once you start the game up again just select Continue from the main menu and you should be where you left off at.

Exit the Game and Create a Manual Save

There is an actual save that you can create when you leave the game.  This is done through the pause menu.  Pause the game with the menu button and then press the R1 button to get to the Settings tab.  Scroll down to Exit Game in the Settings menu and then select the Save and Exit game option.  Once you’ve saved the game you will then be able to load that save from the main menu.


Can you find Bonfires like other Souls games?

Bonfires are not in Demon’s Souls.  Instead they have things called Archstones.  These Archstones essentially function as fast travel points.  They are located at the beginning of areas and then after the boss of that area.  Instead of searching for Bonfires which would normally mark progress in the Dark Souls games, you should be focused on securing shortcuts in Demon’s Souls.  Opening doors, gates, and the like will allow you to bypass hard parts as you make your way to the world bosses of each zone.

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