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Demon’s Souls PS5 – How to Switch Weapons

Always have your back-up handy.

by William Schwartz


Demon’s Souls allows you to carry two weapons in your right hand and switch between them at will.  So long as you have the requirements in place the switching part is fairly straight forward, what’s not is actually making sure you have two weapons equipped in the first place.  In this Demon’s Souls guide we’ll explain how to outfit your character with multiple weapons and then switch between them.

Equip two weapons and press the d-pad to switch between them

Head into the Equipment Section of the pause menu and you’ll find at the top left of your equipment are your right hand weapons.  There are two boxes there which can be outfitted with different weapons that you find, earn, or purchase.  Simply highlight them using the d-pad and select with the X button or remove them with the Square Button.  Selecting will allow you to browse through all the weapons that you have.  Though you need to keep in mind that you need to have certain proficiencies to be able to use certain weapons.  Using your souls upgrades in specific ways allow you to use different weapons better than others.

Once you’ve got two weapons slotted, you can then back out to the game.  At the bottom left of the screen you’ll see you inventory.  Simply press right on the d-pad to swap between your equipped weapons.  With weapons often needing repairs in Demon’s Souls, it’s always good to keep handy and extra weapon so that you don’t need to go full pause in the middle of a battle.  Enemies can be particularly unforgiving in Demon’s Souls, so having a back-up a button press away is always a good idea.

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