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Destiny 2 Beyond Light – How to Unlock Stasis

Apparently the Darkness likes it cold.

by Brandon Adams


Stasis is the latest subclass to be added to Destiny 2 in Beyond Light. The Darkness infused power set has an icy punch, and it’s well worth grabbing for yourself (and it’s absolutely broken in PvP at the moment). There’s a little more work required to earn Stasis in Beyond Light in comparison to Forsaken’s subclasses, but assuming you’re actually playing the story you’ll unlock this new powerset in no time.

Stasis in Destiny 2 Beyond Light is unlocked by completing the main story.

The main narrative in Destiny 2 Beyond Light will let you sample Stasis here and there, but you won’t properly unlock it until the very end. Once you’ve defeated Eramis return to The Exo Stranger who will send you up to the Darkness ziggurat one last time. Approach the final pyramid and interact with it to be sent within an actual Darkness pyramid. This is a linear segment, so simply head up the stairs, commune with the alter, and you’ll earn yourself some fancy new ice skills.

After this you’ll be sent back to Europa, but you can now equip Stasis at any time in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. The subclass sits to the right of your chosen subclass, and simply clicking it will equip it. Pressing Y/Triangle/Right-Clicking the icon will open the Stasis subclass menu, where you’ll notice a few things are different. There are no branching trees here, but instead a segment for your abilities, Fragments, and Aspects.

Abilities are what they say on the tin, and you can change between available abilities in this panel. Aspects and Fragments are earned from assisting The Exo Stranger post-campaign, and will unlock additional actions and tweaks to your Stasis subclass. Don’t worry too much about these just yet; continue to follow the post-campaign quest-chain to unlock Aspects and Fragments. In the meantime, enjoy freezing and shattering your enemies. Stasis is a blast in PvE, but straight broken in PvP.

- This article was updated on:November 13th, 2020

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