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Destiny 2 – Cornerstone Quest for Tower Obelisk

If you want to participate in the Empyrean Foundation event, complete this quest before time runs out to unlock your Tower Obelisk.

by Jess Menga


Chances are, you need to complete the Destiny 2 Cornerstone quest to unlock the Tower Obelisk because you want to participate in the Empyrean Foundation community event. Right on, Guardian, glad you can help.

To begin the Cornerstone quest, go to the Tower hangar to speak with Saint-14. Choose the Cornerstone quest option to begin the first quest step, Some Assembly Required.

  • Note: While you’re here, I recommend you also pick up the quest, Tribute to the Colonies (if you haven’t already), because completing the Cornerstone quest will cut down the time it takes to finish the Tribute to the Colonies quest.

Some Assembly Required Quest Step

  • If you haven’t already completed the Tribute to the Colonies quest, it’s recommended that you focus on that objective for the Cornerstone quest since you will tackle and unlock some of the objectives in this quest by completing that one first. That being said, you will need to collect the following for the Some Assembly Required quest step:
    • 10 Crucial Fallen Components.
    • 10 Crucial Cabal Components.
    • 10 Crucial Vex Components.
  • The above Crucial Components will be dropped from Fallen, Cabal, and Vex enemies that have an orange bar or higher.
  • The Public Events that are completed for the Tribute to the Colonies quest offer the most efficient progress.
  • When you have all of the required parts, go back to the Tower hangar and speak with Saint-14, who will give you an Obelisk to place in The Tower.

Complete Delivery Pending and Activate the Tower Obelisk

  • Go to the Tower’s spawn location where you will see the Obelisk base.
  • Place the Obelisk to activate it.
  • When it activates, you will gain access to the Tower Obelisk.
  • From the Tower Obelisk, you can manage your currently active Obelisk and purchase the following consumables:
    • Fractaline Skimmer – 6 per week at 100 Fractaline each, or 600 Fractaline per account
    • Timelost Friends – gives an XP increase on Timelost Bounties, neither of which are recommended for the Empyrean Foundation event because 1) most of the weapons aren’t worth the resource, and 2) the goal is to use Fractaline only as an investment until all Obelisks are at Resonance Level 11, then to donate all you can to help the community. With any luck, we might actually see this event through!

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