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Destiny 2 Faction Rally Guide

by William Schwartz


A new part of the Destiny 2 endgame features factions that you can join in a part of the game that Bungie is calling “Faction Rallies.” Your character can join one of three factions and each will feature unique loot for your Guardian.

The backstory behind the Faction Rallies is that each group is gathering resources for their faction, and like the other aspects of Destiny 2 you’ll need to complete tasks for the group.  Bungie says that each group will have a powerful weapon that can potentially be earned to help recruit to their side.

Unlike the original Destiny, factions will be pitted against one another in Destiny 2.  The faction that has the most faction packages at the end of a Faction Rally will be declared as the winner.  The winning faction of the rally will offer the weapon to all Destiny 2 players but those who are loyal to the winning faction will get a big discount on the item.

The three factions in Destiny 2

  • Dead Orbit
  • Future War Cult
  • New Monarchy

The Dead Orbit Faction is led by Arach Jalaal, Lakshmi leads the Future War Cult, and Executor Hideo heads the New Monarchy.  Each of these faction leaders will be found in the Tower of Destiny 2 once the campaign has been completed.

For players with multiple Destiny 2 characters, you can only pledge to one faction per character and you must be at least a level 20.

Dead Orbit


Dead Orbit Loot Destiny 2


Dead Orbit Faction Reward

Dead Orbit Scout Rifle


Future War Cult


Future War Cult Loot


Future War Cult Faction Reward

Future War Cult Pulse Rifle


New Monarchy


New Monarchy Faction Loot


New Monarchy Faction Reward

New Monarchy Sidearm


Requirements to Join a Faction

  • Must be a level 20
  • Must have access to the New Tower
  • Finish the Campaign

How to earn Faction Tokens

Faction tokens can be earned by completing in-game activities once you’ve committed to one.  These activities include completing the Raid or Strikes, exploring lost sectors, doing public events, or fighting in the Crucible.

What to do with Faction Tokens

Faction tokens can be turned into Faction leaders for packages which contain loot specific to each faction as seen in the images above.  Of the three special weapons, one will be unlocked after the event has concluded.  For those that are part of the winning faction, they’ll be able to purchase the item for 1000 Glimmer.  For those not in the faction, the item will be available for 50,000 Glimmer.

How to Farm Faction Tokens

A few different methods have been discovered that allow players to “farm” Faction Tokens very quickly.  One farming location that allows you to earn these tokens quickly is in the Lost Oasis on IO.

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