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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost – How to Get to Haunted Forest

You'll need the mask and have it on to get in.

by William Schwartz


The Festival of the Lost has begun in Destiny 2 and this limited time event has some unique activities to partake in and rewards to earn.  However, you’ll need to get started with the Festival of the Lost by visiting Eva Levante in the Tower.

You can’t miss Eva as she’s in the main area of the Tower, right next to the Eververse.  When you visit Eva for the first time she will explain a little bit about the Festival of the Lost and give you a quest that requires to you to acquire a helmet to begin the Festival of the Lost.

To get the Helmet from Eva you actually need to purchase one of the helmets in the Rewards area of her NPC screen.  Simply select the helmet that you want and then you will be able to access the Haunted Forest in one of two ways.

The Haunted Forest will not appear on the Director until you’ve gotten the mask from Eva so make sure you do this first.  You can either access the Haunted Forest from the Director or you can access the Haunted Forest by visiting the Tree Hologram next to Eva.  Either way, you’ll need to have the item equipped to your character and that can be done from the character menu.

Once you have it equipped you can then freely head to the Haunted Forest from either the Tower or the Director and start earning Strange Coins and Candy.

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