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Destiny 2 Guide: MIDA Multi-Tool Exotic Quest

by William Schwartz


The MIDA Multi-Tool is back in Destiny 2 and you won’t have to rely on random numbers or Xur to get it.  There are a couple of qualifications to get the MIDA Multi-Tool Exotic Quest.  First is that you have to be a level 20 and the second is that you have to have completed the campaign.

Once you’ve beaten the campaign new high-level quests will appear on the map that will lead to Exotic Weapon or Gear unlocks.  To trigger the Exotic Quest for the MIDA Multi-Tool you’ll need to do the post-campaign quests in the European Dead Zone (EDZ).  There are a couple to do and they’re all tied to the NPC in the area.

Upon completing these quests for Devrim Kay he’ll give you a Submachine Gun called the MIDA Mini-Tool.  After receiving the item, if you return to the Tower you’ll see that Banshee-44 the Gunsmith with have a new quest for you to do.  This quest will kick off The Exotic Quest for MIDA Multi-Tool.

How to get MIDA Multi-Tool in Destiny 2

The First Step is Sight, Shoot, Repeat  and the instructions are to simply complete two objectives.

Sight, Shoot, Repeat Quest Steps

  • Objective 1: Eliminate enemies with precision shots (50)
  • Objective 2: Eliminate multiple enemies without reloading (25)

This step is fairly simple.  Just head to any location with a bunch of enemies and start picking them off with a Scout rifle, remembering to shoot for the head and reload only when necessary.

The second step for the quest is called Under The Hood.  Here Banshee wants to recreate the old MIDA schematics.  He’ll need you to dismantle Rare or Legendary Scout Rifles.

Under the Hood Quest Steps

  • Objective: Dismantle Valuable Scout Rifles (5) *Rare or Legendary

Unfortunately this part of the quest can be really time consuming if you don’t have any Scout Rifles in your inventory.  So those that are reading this ahead of time.  Hold off on dismantling any blue or purple Scout Rifles as it’ll save you a lot of time in this step of having to grind through Public Events, Lost Sectors, Strikes, The Crucible, etc.

The last step for this Exotic Quest is called The Fall Will Kill You.  Banshee-44 simply asks that you go out and kill fifty enemies with an SMG while airborne.

The Fall Will Kill You Quest Steps

  • Objective: Get Airborne SMG Kills (50)

Like the first part of this three part Exotic Quest, you can do this anywhere to any enemy type so long as you’re using the right weapon.   The powerful MIDA Mini Tool is the perfect weapon to get this done.. Just head to the closest area of weak enemies and kill fifty of them.

Returning to Banshee-44 once these three steps are complete and he’ll give you the MIDA Multi-Tool.  This Exotic Scout Rifle is famous for it’s granted ability to have radar while ADS and this version also boosts movement speed.

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