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Destiny 2 How to Claim Your Reward From the Menagerie Triumph

If you're looking for the place to go it's actually in the menu.

by William Schwartz


Destiny 2 has made some big strides in terms of how players keep track of their tasks in the game and with the Season of Opulence there’s a ton of things to do and see.  However, if you’ve gotten stuck on the Invitation Quest line where it asks you to claim your reward from the menagerie triumph we don’t blame you.  The ability to claim this reward is tucked away under multiple menus that if you’re not familiar with, is easy to miss.

This reward is only claimable in the Minor Triumphs menu

Here’s how you claim your reward from the Menagerie Triump in Destiny 2.  First you’re going to want to have completed your first run through the Menagerie.  Once you’ve completed this run the game will tell you that you need to claim your reward, but simply heading back to the Barge on Nessus to see Werner 99-40 nor accessing the quest item through the Pursuits menu doesn’t allow you to complete it.

What you need to do is to head into the start menu and select Triumphs >  Destinations > Minor > Menagerie > Flair for Drama.  Once here you will be able to collect your reward for completing your first Menagerie run.  This is 500 Imperials and access to the next quest step in the Invitation.  The next step following this will be to upgrade the Chalice yet again.

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