Destiny 2 – How to Farm Menagerie Gear

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Once you’ve gotten the Chalice and been introduced to the Menagerie there is a way to farm the chest that spawns each time you beat the final boss.  It’s unclear whether this is a bug in the Menagerie or whether it’s intentionally designed by Bungie, but this technique allows you to collect multiple chest rewards before the lengthy end of round timer expires.

Upon completing the final boss battle in the Menagerie a chest will spawn at the back of the boss room.  Simply collect the items from the chest and then run back out to the starting area.  When you get back to the starting area turn around and run back to the boss room and on your way you will hear what sounds like enemies spawning into the area.  While no enemies will actually spawn during this time, this does signal that the chest has been resupplied.

How to Farm Menagerie Gear

  • Step 1: Complete the Final Boss Battle
  • Step 2: Open the Chest
  • Step 3: Run back to starting area
  • Step 4: Run back to the chest (listen for sound)
  • Step 5: Equip Runes in Chalice
  • Step 6: Re-Loot Chest

At this point you’ll need to re-equip runes to the Chalice and then you can open the chest again and collect more Menagerie rewards and Menagerie exclusive gear.  Since you have 300 seconds before you are booted back out to the lobby you can simply farm this as many times as can during this time period assuming you have runes to use.  Since you don’t have to run very far to actually trigger the resupply you can do this quite a few times in the time allotted.

It’s unclear whether this is an exploit or something that was intentionally designed into the game so there’s no telling how long this will last.

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