Destiny 2 – How to Find Taken Boss Easy for Taken Fusion Bounty

Take the easy way for this boss

by Daniel Chae

Destiny 2 bounties will often send you out to kill certain types of enemies.  In the Taken Fusion Bounty, players will need to track down a Taken Boss to complete it.  Whether you’re looking for a Taken Boss for the Taken Fusion Bounty or just looking for a boss in general, we’re going to show you the best place you can go to easily find a Taken Boss in this guide.

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Best Taken Boss Location(s)

So there are multiple locations that you can go for a quick Taken Boss fight.  We’re going to give you both as they are both equally viable.

Aphelions Rest – Lost Sector – Dreaming City


Aphelions Rest Lost Sector in the Dreaming City is one of the easiest places you can go if you’re looking for a quick boss fight with a Taken to complete the bounty.  Simply head into the Lost Sector and you won’t miss the swarms of Taken and their leader.

 Shattered Throne – First Encounter


The Shattered Throne is an equally easy place to find a Taken Boss quickly.  Actually, if you run through the Shattered Throne you’ll face various Taken bosses and Powerful Taken (in case you’re going for other bounties).  Though if you’re just looking to get the Taken Fusion Bounty out of the way you can simply make your way through the first encounter in the Shattered Throne to complete it.