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Destiny 2 – How to Get New Stasis Aspects

The Stranger has a quest for you.

by Victor Vellas


Destiny 2 recently brought us its 13th Season, Season of the Chosen, and alongside with it we have some new Stasis Aspects to hunt down. These new Stasis Aspects can further customize Guardians’ subclasses and make each of them unique.

Aspects come with different perks each, providing a couple of ways that you can build your character. Please note that each Guardian can have up to 2 Aspects at a time, with varying Fragment Slots that can be utilized.

How to get the new Stasis Aspects.

The following are the new Stasis Aspects that were introduced with Season of the Chosen:

  • Hunters: Grim Harvest
  • Warlocks: Bleak Watcher
  • Titans: Howl of the Storm

In order to acquire them, you will first need to visit the Exo-Stranger in Europa. The Stranger will give you a certain quest to complete, by investigating the Darkness. At this point, please note down, that you need the Salvation’s Grip Exotic weapon (Heavy/ Grenade Launcher) in order to progress through the Quest. You need to go to the Well of Infinitude and track down floating Darkness pyramids. Shoot these with the Salvation’s Grip in order to make them explode and trigger other pyramids further within the Well.

Keep following them and repeat the process, shooting them with the grenade launcher, until you reach the end of the instance. A wave of Cabal enemies will appear so clear them right away. After doing so, while also having all of the pyramids destroyed, your quest will be updated and you will need to complete a Heroic Exo Challenge for the final step.

Simply get done with the Challenge, and get back to the Stranger. Right after, she will send you to the Ziggurat, in order to receive your new Aspect. That would complete this process and you will be the owner of your brand new Stasis Aspect. Also, a very nice touch Bungie provided, is that this questline is account wide, which means you won’t have to repeat it for all of your additional characters, if you have. Just visit the Stranger and she will send you right away to the Ziggurat, in order to claim them. Enjoy!

Season of the Chosen is currently live in Destiny 2.


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