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Destiny 2 – Imperial Treasure Map – Alton Dynamo

Land at Glacial Drift and then ride out to Alton Dynamo.

by William Schwartz


Completing Werner 99-40’s Bounties will unlock treasure maps for you to uncover caches of Imperials, Equipment, and Runes.  This treasure map has you seeking out one such cache in Alton Dynamo on Mars.  The Alton Dynamo is located deep within the facility on Mars, but your best bet is to land at the Glacial Drift.

When you land at Glacial Drift it’ll probably be best that you call your vehicle and then take a hard left from the Landing Zone.  You’ll head around a winding path with mountains to your left and right.  Once you enter Dynamo Approach you’re going to want to head straight into the entrance ahead.  This will take you into an icey cave and at the end of this cave is the entrance to Alton Dynamo.

When you enter the facility make your first two right turns and you’re there

Once you’re in the facility you’re in the right place.  You’ll need to deal with a few Cabal on your entrance, but defeat these enemies and then take your first two right turns through doors which will lead you to a server room where Hive are guarding.  Defeat these Hive and then head to the back left side of the room (directionally from the way you come in).  You’ll see the chest glowing as you approach.

Simply walk up and collect your reward, which consists of equipment, runes, and imperial currency.

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