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Destiny 2 – Imperial Treasure Map – Spine Burrows on IO

Use this map to find the treasure quick.

by William Schwartz


Another Destiny 2 Season of Opulence Treasure Hunt will reveal itself upon completing Werner 99-40’s Bounties.  This one will take you to the Spine Burrows on IO and if you are not familiar with the area it can be a little tricky to find.  While the treasure itself will be listed on the map, how to get there isn’t so obvious.  This guide will explain how to get to the Spine Burrows Treasure on IO.

To get the treasure quickly you’re going to want to land at the Lost Oasis Landing Zone on IO.  Then you’re going to want to trek straight across the map to the wall just to the west of the Warmind Vault on the map.  Use the map below to find the exact location of the Spine Burrows entrance.  When you get to the entrance you will see a pool of water and an entrance to the left.

Spine Burrows Treasure Map Location


You’ll know you’re in the right location because inside the Spine Burrows will be plenty of Taken enemies.  Once you’re inside the area it’s simply a matter of hugging the right wall until you run into the treasure.  Inside you’ll find an Imperial Reward as well as gear and other loot.

While it might look like Giant’s Scar is a landing zone to find this treasure, The Lost Oasis will get you there pretty quickly.  Your only adversity in snagging the treasure will be the many Taken in the area.  Once you have it the rewards will be added to your inventory and you can move on to the next challenge in Destiny 2 Season of Opulence.

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