Destiny 2 Randy’s Throwing Knife PvP and PvE God Roll and How to Get it

What is the Randy's throwing Knife God Roll and how do I get it?

by Noah Nelson
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Randy’s Throwing Knife is a Kinetic Scout Rifle introduced in Season 8, but it’s back and dropping like crazy in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. Randy’s Throwing Knife has a crazy name, but it’s fun and functional in PvP and PvE if you have the right God Roll. Here is the Destiny 2 Randy’s Throwing Knife God Roll.

Destiny 2: How to Get Randy’s Throwing Knife God Roll

If you’re here, you probably already know that Randy’s Throwing Knife is a very common drop when completing any PvP game mode, but especially Crucible and Iron Banner. Because Randy’s Throwing Knife isn’t hard to get, you might as well try to get a God Roll since it is a powerful weapon.

Randy’s Throwing Knife has a Rapid-Fire Frame which makes it quick firing weapon that reloads faster on an empty magazine. It also comes with One Quiet Moment which increases reload speed when out of combat.

Destiny 2 Randy’s Throwing Knife PvP God Roll, Explained

The goal of the Randy’s Throwing Knife PvP God Roll is to reduce the recoil and buff the range. From there, the perks enable huge buffs to reload speed, stability, and damage if we consistently land precision hits to get kills, which isn’t hard with this Scout Rifle.

  • Barrel: Extended Barrel
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds
  • Perk 1: Rapid Hit
  • Perk 2: Kill Clip
  • Origin Trait: One Quiet Moment

For starters, the Randy’s Throwing Knife PvP God Roll has Extended Barrel which unfortunately shaves off 10 points of handling which only starts at 20, but it reduces recoil by 10 points and increases range by 10 points which is a great trade off.

Ricochet Rounds is king in PvP, so the Randy’s Throwing Knife PvP God Roll naturally needs it. Ricochet Rounds makes your bullets ricochet while also grants five to range and 10 to stability. Choice.

There are 12 perks in both columns for Randy’s Throwing Knife which means there are multiple God Roll possibilities, but the best Randy’s Throwing Knife PvP God Roll has Rapid Hit and Kill Clip.

Rapid Hit grants a potential of five stacks that boost stability and reload speed for two seconds after landing rapid precision hits. This is perfect, especially for this rapid firing Scout Rifle, as stack one gets you plus two to stability and plus five to reload speed and stack five gets you plus 25 to stability and plus 60 to reload speed.

Kill Clip is the best way to synergize Rapid Hit as it grants a 25% increase to damage for five seconds after reloading within 3.8 seconds after a kill. This won’t be hard to do, especially since Rapid Hit temporarily buffs your reload speed after landing four or five precision shots to get a kill.

Overall, Rapid Hit and Kill Clip are a deadly combo for a fast hitting Scout Rifle like Randy’s Throwing Knife.

Destiny 2 Randy’s Throwing Knife PvE God Roll, Explained

Randy’s Throwing Knife is less impressive in PvE, but is still a great tool. The objective here is to reduce the recoil as much as possible for a more enjoyable weapon. For the perks, Rapid Hit works the same as it does in PvP, but Kinetic Tremors turns Randy’s Throwing Knife into a mini grenade launcher.

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake
  • Magazine: Armor-Piercing Rounds
  • Perk 1: Rapid Hit
  • Perk 2: Kinetic Tremors
  • Origin Trait: One Quiet Moment

Instead of focusing on range, Arrowhead Brake gives us plus 30 to recoil control and plus 10 to handling. This’ll make using Randy’s Throwing Knife a lot more fun and smooth, which is good when you need to clear a bunch of adds.

Armor-Piercing Rounds is great for PvE because you get a slight boost to range while also getting a damage increase to combatants shields. Since Randy’s Throwing Knife doesn’t have a subclass, Armor-Piercing Rounds helps us defeat enemies with shields.

Rapid Hit is the same perk as described in PvP — land precision hits and get a stacking buff to stability and reload. The long and short of it is Rapid Hit is really good, especially because Scout Rifle gameplay relies on precision hits.

Kinetic Tremors is a newer perk that emits a kinetic shockwave at the target after dealing sustained kinetic damage. This isn’t hard to do, especially since you’re getting rewarded by Rapid Hit for landing precision hits.

With these two perks, you’ll have a more effective weapon that can clear away adds very quickly thanks to mini kinetic shockwaves.

- This article was updated on May 31st, 2023

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