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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep – How to Level Up Fast, Get Max Level 900

There are many ways to hit the soft level cap fast.

by William Schwartz


The Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Expansion is out and players have a brand new level cap and Season of content to work through.  The level cap is now much higher and you’ll want to raise your Guardian level as fast as possible to get to 900 so that you can access different activities like the new Raid.

How to Reach Level 900 Fast Destiny 2

The first thing to know is that there is no specific way to level up to max level cap in Destiny 2.  There are many different ways that you can unlock new gear that will boost your rank.  What you want to make sure that you do, no matter which method you choose to use, is that you constantly using and equipping your new gear when you unlock.  That way, the next gear that you pick up will be higher power level.

Spend Saved Tokens

The idea here is to spend your tokens at the vendor or faction leader and then swap out the newly acquired weapons and armor for your old ones.  As you equip the more powerful gear, the next gear or weapons that you get will be higher level.  Keep swapping out the weapons and gear for new and keep purchasing more with tokens.  You will see your light/power level continue to rise.

This works for Planetary NPCs, things like Werner Bounties, and even other spots in the game where you’re picking up new gear on a consistent basis.  If you’ve saved up tokens over the course of Destiny 2, you can power level yourself pretty quickly by spamming your saved tokens and swapping out gear at the faction vendor.

Farm any content in the game that drops blue engrams

Just as you would with spamming tokens you would simply swap out your old gear or weapons for the new ones and you’ll see your power level continue to rise.  One spot you can do this that will continually drop blue items is at the Trove Guardian that spawns on the Moon near Eris Morn.  East of Sanctuary landing zone you will find a Trove Guardian which can be killed who will open a jumping puzzle to a treasure chest.  Follow the guide below and then respawn back at Sanctuary to farm the Trove Guardian and power level to 900.

Play the new Campaign

Playing the campaign will also boost your power level pretty significantly as it’s good spot to get new gear and weapons.  However, you might want to save the campaign until after you’ve done a little bit of leveling from 750 to 800 or so.  That way, once you start earning the powerful legendary items that you get from the campaign missions and the Lectern of Enchantment you’ll get these items at a higher power level and they’ll ultimately be more powerful without having to upgrade them.

Other Destiny 2 Events like Nightfall, Strikes, or any place that you can get drops.

Completing events like the Nightfall or other Strikes is a good way to earn powerful items.  Running these strikes is an easy way to get powerful gear that can help boost your power level.  The Nightfall is definitely helpful once you start getting to the soft level cap of 900.

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